Covid-19 Terms and Conditions for Red House Farm Fishing Holidays.

We have made a few changes to make your stay as safe as possible. If you require our help with anything while you are on site please call the phone numbers below and we will come down to you as soon as we can. Please do not come to the Farm House.

If we need to enter your cottage or log cabin during your stay, we will ask you to stand outside while we enter. Social distancing must be practiced on site. This means no close interaction with other guests during your stay, you should only enter your own cottage / log cabin during your stay. To keep numbers down to a minimum we can no longer accept relatives / friends to visit during your stay.

We are now using a contactless check in, details of this will be emailed to you before you arrival date.

Due to Government Covid-19 guidelines we will be deep cleaning each unit on every change over day, please respect that we need these four hours to carry out this clean and any maintenance for that week, do not arrive on site before your 2pm check in time.

We have removed all the non-essential items from the kitchen e.g. bread bin, storage jars. We have also removed non-essential items from the cupboards e.g. books, leaflets and games. You are more than welcome to bring these items with you for your stay with us. This should hopefully reduce each change over and deep cleaning time.

We have placed extra hand soap dispensers in all the cottages / log cabins for you to use. Pillow and mattress protectors will be washed and changed every change over day. We have left four pillows in each unit if you require more please bring some with you.

If the county goes back into lock down, all bookings due to arrive that period will be transferred to a future date once we can reopen.

We ask all customers not to come to Red House Farm Fishing Holidays if you or a member of your household have had symptoms in the two weeks leading up to your booking. Cancellations made due to you or a member of your household having symptoms of covid-19 will be transferred to a future date.

If you start to show symptoms while on site, we ask you to let us know by phone, self-isolate in one room in your cottage / log cabin and call 111. Wait for instructions from them for what to do next.

Please be aware when using our facilities, we will be adhering to all Government Track and Trace requirements and may have to pass on your details if requested by the Government.