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Red House Farm Fishing Holidays Gallery Lodges

Mr Pat White

Pat White

Tom Kenworthy of Ashton-under-Lyme

Tom Kenworthy

Mr Derik Turner from near Lincoln

Derek Turner

Mo Lowes of Swindon

Mo Lowes

Richard Marsdon 16lb Mirror Carp

Richard Marsen

Mr & Mrs Calvert of Doncaster

Mr and Mrs Calvert Mr and Mrs Calvert

Mark Hansell from Norwich

Mark Hansell

Mrs Shaw from Doncaster

Mrs Shaw

Mr Pete Olivant from near Alford

Pete Olivant

Brian Taylor’s son from Atherstone, Warwickshire

Brian Taylor's Son

Mr and Mrs Thompson from Nuneaton

Mr and Mrs Thompson Mr and Mrs Thompson
Graham Greatrex
Graham Greatrex
Andy and Iris Keswick
Mick Collinson
Collinson James Whelan

Kevin Walker of Manchester

Kevin Walker

Mrs Morris from Derbyshire

Mrs Morris

Dale and Tina Percival

Dale and Tina Percival Dale and Tina Percival

Ryan and Liam McGuinness of Lincoln

Ryan and Liam McGuinness Ryan and Liam McGuinness James Whelan

James Whelan from Atherstone with 12.5lb Mirror Carp and 11lb Carp

Pete Smith

Mr Pete Smith from Hoddesdon with a 17lb Carp

Ali McGillian from Newark

Ali McGillian Kerry Larkin

Keri Larkin of Newark

Vanessa McGillian

Vanessa McGillian from Newark

Jim Larkin of Newark

Jim Larkin Jim Larkin Joe White

Joe White from Ollerton

Mr Ireland with 4lb ide
Mr Ireland
Mr and Mrs Ballantyne
Matthew Garside
Matthew Garside
Josh and Victoria Briggs
Mr Jowsey
James and Tony
James and Tony James and Tony Paul Marks
Paul Marks
Alan Grocock
Alan Grocock
Nick Durst
Nick Durst
Mr Jowsey Dvid Bashford
David Bashford
Gary Davis
Gary Davis
Gerry and Di
Gerry and Di
Matthew and Brian from Ipswich
Matthew & Brian from Ipswich